Workshop: Old Dog, New Tricks – Journalism at internet speeds

Workshop Friday 28 November 2014, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Standard £180.00
Freelance/Student £150.00
Members £120

Binary codeLearn how user-generated and open source content can boost your journalism. Journalism is changing. Are you keeping pace?

This one-day workshop will help you apply traditional journalism to an interconnected digital environment. With this aim in mind, participants will learn the skills used by intelligence agencies of search and discovery, data collection, source verification, understanding networks and data analysis.

The aim of this workshop is to improve awareness through open intelligence. You will be taught how to:

  • Choose appropriate tools to effectively monitor the Internet and user-generated content
  • Identify possible leads
  • Discover tools to dig quickly and deeper into a source or lead
  • Understand and analyse trends
  • And verify sources and contents of user-generated online material.

Step-by-step, hands-on exercises will engage the journalist in you, and you’ll gain practical online investigation techniques.

This course requires a computer and accounts to the following services: Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Please ensure that you have a laptop available and have created the above accounts in advance of the course.

About the trainers
This workshop will be led by trainers from SecDev, a company which specialises in open intelligence and builds search and discovery infrastructure, conducting expert analysis on data uncovered. SecDev has delivered training for media organisations such as BBC and Frontline Club as well as various Canadian and US government departments.

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