Workshop: Marketing Workflow for Photographers

Workshop Friday 29 May 2015, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Standard £150.00
Freelance/Student £125.00
Members £100


This intensive one-day workshop will cover all aspects of marketing for photographers. The workshop will give photographers the skills to tailor their marketing efforts to the real needs of their clients, giving them practical tools to enhance their self-promotion and raise their conversion rate.

From self-promoting tips and tricks, to the most recent self-marketing free tools, this workshop follows a “checklist” approach which photographers can easily integrate into their daily or weekly schedule and will help them to find a natural balance between self-marketing, networking and being creative.

This course is intended for professional photographers, or aspiring photographers who wish to move into freelance photography.

What we will cover:

Setting up

  • Visual identity and visual brand
  • Playing the game
  • A new marketing era
  • Social networks for photographers
  • Build and manage a successful mailing list


  • Email marketing
  • First contact, introductory and cold call emails
  • How to create a killer promo
  • Develop a professional newsletter campaign, for free
  • Cheer ups for photographers!

Follow up

  • Maintaining contact and follow ups
  • In-person networking
  • Direct marketing
  • Building relationships and a network of real customers

About the trainer
With more than 14 years’ experience in photojournalism, Raffaela Lepanto has worked for both magazines and photo agencies as a visual editor, producer, and freelance photographer and writer. After her long collaboration with Grazia Neri Photo Agency, Milan, she has been working for Emblema, an independent Italian photo agency, as photo editor, production manager and web creative director. She currently works as a photography consultant between Milan and London, where she provides bespoke consultancy for agencies, organisations and photographers.