Workshop: Improving Audio

Workshop Friday 6 June 2014, 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Standard £150.00
Freelance/Student £125.00
Members £100

Improve presenting audio for video, film and other audio media with this one-day workshop.

We will be discussing how understanding different factors can help improve the sound quality of narration, interviews, natural ambiences and performance as well as demonstrating recording and audio production methods that can be applied across many sound editing systems and recorders.

This workshop would suit self-shooters, those currently producing media content but who have not previously specialised in sound or others new to sound production.

Workshop topics will cover:

  • Recording environment considerations and acoustics
  • Microphone types, techniques and placement
  • Equipment, cables and connectors
  • Technical standards and terminology
  • Understanding commonly used production tools
  • Tips when editing sound
  • Common errors and how to avoid them
  • Dealing with some instances of problematic sound.

During the workshop, there will opportunities to practice recording using various different types of microphones (these will be made available on the day) and to look at how to correct / improve different types of problematic recordings.

The workshop will be relevant to those wishing to use various audio and video editing systems. Some practical aspects and demonstrations during the day will use Apple’s GarageBand software (included within the general Mac operating system).

GarageBand uses software and features common to Apple’s more sophisticated audio production tool, Logic, and their video production suite, Final Cut Pro. Often thought of as a music production tool, GarageBand is also used as a general audio production tool.

No previous knowledge of sound production is necessary but any previous editing experience and / or general familiarity with GarageBand prior to the day may be of some advantage.

The popular audio production software, Pro Tools, will also be used during the day however those attending will not require any knowledge of this system as it will be used as a demonstration tool only.

Participants are invited to bring laptops to this workshop to take advantage of some of its practical aspects. Please make sure if this is the case that you have installed any software specific to your system beforehand. Tips about installing other useful software recommended for use will be distributed after booking.

About the trainer
Robin Green is a sound recording and post-production engineer. He has worked on numerous documentary, drama, entertainment and animation productions for broadcast and film distribution. He has worked on productions for the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, Discovery, PBS and Twentieth Century Fox.