Workshop: Human Rights Investigative Reporting with Iain Overton

Workshop Friday 24 March 2017, 09:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Standard £150
Freelance/Student £125
Members £100

From finding yourself in the midst of a civil war to working undercover in an Indian brothel, join us for this one-day workshop that will introduce you to life as an investigative human rights reporter or researcher.

Whether you are looking to start out in human rights investigating, want to shift your journalism focus to a more investigative bent, or simply have a critical mind, this session will give you the tools to help set up and pitch investigations; from filing a Freedom of Information request to being aware of the ethical implications of using subterfuge.

Importantly, it will also teach you how to have one of the most interesting jobs in the world and how to survive doing it.

What we will cover:

    • The Life of a Human Rights Investigator – the current state of journalism and NGOs.
    • How to survive as an Investigative researcher / reporter – how to pitch ideas and make a mark.
    • Tools of the Trade: Freedom of Information requests
    • Tools of the Trade: Computer Assisted Reporting
    • Cultivating sources : interviewing & handling whistleblowers
    • Undercover: Practicalities, Ethics & Experiences

The workshop will be led by award-winning investigative journalist Iain Overton.  Overton has conducted investigations into areas that include counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry, UK deaths in custody, corporate killings in Iraq, and Glasgow gang-land murders linked to security contracts. His work has been recognized with a Peabody Award,  two Amnesty International Awards, a OneWorld Award, a Prix Circom, a BAFTA Scotland and 3 RTS nominations, amongst others. He is the author of Gun Baby Gun (shortlisted for a Dagger award) and is the Executive Director of Action on Armed Violence – a research charity that investigates the arms trade.

Here’s what participants had to say about Iain’s recent workshop at the club:

“Really well done – the workshop was rich with practical knowledge.”

“I enjoyed Iain’s wealth of direct experience of what he talked about and of course his passion.”

“This workshop has stretched me to think and pause in amongst the creative process. It was a good combination of practical advice and encouragement to do great human rights investigations.”

“The passion and richness of experience covered opened my mind to new techniques and opportunities and ideas.”

“It was very, very informative and inspiring.”

“Fascinating. I loved listening to his individual stories and case studies – how other journalists tackle and tell their stories.”

“It was inspiring and honest.”

Images: Churikov Eduard /; Iain Overton