Wildlife-Viewing Journal – 30/09/07

So our second grizzly bear season since moving to the ranch is well underway. So far all our guests – and this year we have been pretty much full – have left after seeing at least a few grizzlies. Some have seen many.
To keep our guests and friends up-to-date with the latest we have started an online wildlife journal, which we will use to record our bear sightings and other interesting sightings we have here in the wilderness.
The latest is a posting of a large grey wolf, almost black in colour, photographed by Andrea, a guest from Graz in Austria, just as she left the ranch.
She wrote to us from Austria: “You must know, I’m very proud taking a picture of a wolf. First we thought, “Oh, not a bear, again a dog… but then we took a closer look and I made the picture… He was standing there really for a while, looking at us before he moved on. Studying the picture, his view, the tail, we were very sure, that it must be a wolf.”
If you would like to check out our new wildlife journal, please go to http://www.gbrwildlifejournal.blogspot.com.
We have also changed our packages around a little and are now concentrating on black bear and wildlife viewing in the spring, the mountains and lakes in the summer and our grizzlies in the autumn. Please check our website for all the latest details.