War Reporting Links (WRL): War coverage

Here are some War Reporting Links, a ‘new’ ‘feature’ for the blog (hardly ‘new’, and ‘feature’ rather oversells it). I think I’m going to shorten it to WRL because we all know that anything connected to war or the military needs to be shortened to an acronym that nobody else can understand.
1. In fact, what better way to inaugurate WRL than with a link to a journalist who’s tried to get her head round some of these pesky acronyms?
2. Finding coverage of wars can be difficult. Military blogger, LT G, has had his blog reduced to this. But fortunately, some of his people have archived it here. I’d be surprised if this lasts though so dive in and have a read…
3. …because news from Iraq is not available on a television set near you. At least in the United States. Apparently. It’s hard for me to watch US television from here to verify this.
4. But this old-fashioned letter home from a US soldier in Afghanistan to his grandmother has been digitised for us…
5. …and Milblogging.com has reached 2,000. Milblogs that is. The milblogging.com people reckon there are more out there too, waiting to be found in the hidden corners of the blogosphere.