First Wednesday: Is there a common enemy?

By Julie Tomlin

We’ve started putting together April’s First Wednesday event: After the bomb blasts in Moscow on 29 March and in Dagestan two days later, we will be talking about Russia and its response to the recent terrorist attacks. We are currently working on inviting guests to speak about that.

The focus of the discussion will then shift to examine Hillary Clinton’s statement in the wake of the Moscow attacks that terrorism is "the world’s common enemy". How accurate is her claim that there is a connection between most of the terrorists’ activities around the world?

Since it was launched by the US in the wake of the terrorist attacks in America on 9/11, the rhetoric of the "war on terror" has been deployed by a number of governments around the world. To help us understand the policy of "war on terror" we have invited Asim Qureshi, author of Rules of the Game, a book that examines the nature of global counter-terrorism and what impact it has had on those most affected by its measures.

If you would like to get involved or have any suggestions on this event or any other Frontline event – whether you’re an expert, academic, journalist or campaigner –  please email me on Julie [at]