War in South Ossetia – The Movie

This is the trailer for Olympus Inferno, a propaganda action movie about last year’s war in South Ossetia that’s due to be shown on Russian television later this month. According to Reuters: "The fictional account tells of a U.S.-based entomologist and a female Russian journalist who unintentionally capture evidence that Georgia started the conflict using a special camera night lens as they attempt to film rare night butterflies. The two face obstacles as they try to get through the frontlines of advancing Georgian forces and back to South Ossetia’s capital, Tskhinvali with proof of who started the war." Wired magazine has called the film an "awesomely bad made-for-TV movie". Readers of my other blog, This is Serbia Calling, may recall that the renowned Serbian director Emir Kusturica is also due to make a film about the conflict.