Video: Carmen Aristegui talks about the reality for journalists in Mexico

Carmen Aristegui, one of Mexico’s most prominent journalists, disappeared from the Mexican radio airwaves last year in a cloud of controversy.

As Reed Johnson reported in January 2008, “Aristegui’s departure from W Radio set off a flurry of op-ed commentary in Mexico City newspapers. Several commentators have denounced the incident as an act of censorship and harassment by media and governmental interests.”

Now Aristegui’s back with a new radio news show –- this time on a different network. The journalist, who continued to host her nightly television news show on CNN Español during her radio hiatus, returns to the Mexican airwaves from 6 – 10 every weekday morning on MVS Radio.

She took some time out to speak to the Los Angeles Times about why her show got silenced last year, and the reality for journalists working in Mexico.

You can watch a video of protests over her departure last year here, and the Spanish-language version of the interview is below.

To see the whole, 40-minute unedited video in Spanish, click here.

This material was created for La Plaza.