Vaughan Smith up for Rory Peck Award

[video:google:8548112614184247543&ei] The shortlist for the Rory Peck Awards 2008 is now out. Among the contenders in the “Features”category is Frontline Club Founder Vaughan Smith for the blog he wrote from Afghanistan in 2007. You can see the edited footage he put together for BBC Newsnight in the video above. Good luck Vaughan. Here is a list of all the nominees,

THE IMPACT AWARD, sponsored by Sony UK Ltd
This award honours freelance news footage which raises humanitarian issues and has had an impact internationally or contributed to a change in perception or policy.
“D” and Ginny Stein – Mugabe’s Calling Card
Shot in South Africa and Zimbabwe, May – June 2008. Commissioned and broadcast by SBS TV Dateline
Jung In Taek and Han Yong Ho – Korea: Out of the North
Shot in North Korea, China, Laos, Thailand and South Korea, August 2007 – February 2008. Commissioned by Chosun Ilbo newspaper, South Korea. Broadcast by BBC
Jezza Neumann – Undercover in Tibet
Shot in Tibet, China, Nepal and India, April – August 2007. True Vision Productions for Channel 4. Broadcast by Channel 4
This award honours freelance coverage of on-the-day news, where the focus is on the immediacy of the story.
Clifford Derrick – Kibera Slum
Shot in Kenya, January 2008. Commissioned and broadcast by Al Jazeera English
Abdullahi Farah Duguf – Two weeks in Mogadishu
Shot in Somalia, September 2007. Commissioned and broadcast by ITN / Channel 4 News
Subina Shrestha – Down the Irrawaddy Delta
Shot in Myanmar, May 2008. Commissioned and broadcast by Al Jazeera English
This Award honours freelance news features: in-depth pieces which look beyond the immediacy of a news story.
Tim Hetherington – The Other War
Shot in Afghanistan, October 2007. Commissioned and broadcast by ABC Nightline
Vaughan Smith – Grenadiers Fighting in Helmand
Shot in Afghanistan, September 2007. Self funded. Broadcast by The Frontline Club Web Log / BBC Newsnight
Rodrigo Vazquez – Inside Hamas
Shot in the Palestinian Authority Gaza, August – October 2007. Stampede Limited for Channel 4 International. Broadcast by Channel 4

Interesting to note that Vaughan’s is the only self-funded entry on the list.