US Milblogs from Iraq

After the closure of Kaboom: A Soldier’s War Journal, what’s been filling my milblogging void?
Well here are some of the ones from Iraq that I’ve been reading recently.
Fobbits Need Ice Cream Too. A National Guard Infantry soldier describes life running convoys into Iraq from Kuwait in the best of irreverent styles.

“Our battalion was mobilized last year to deploy to Iraq; I put college on hold (in my last year as a pre-med major) to enlist and go to WAR and KILL the enemies. Long dead dreams of a patriot idealist. Our company was detached from the battalion, which went into Iraq to carry out a traditional door-kicking, terrorist snatching mission. Our company was attached to a Cavalry squadron in Kuwait to run supply escort missions into Iraq.”

Chaplain Andrews. Posts tend to be short and sweet but haven’t come across an army chaplain milblog before so bit of a different angle. Check out this post called ‘Carrying a Weapon‘:

“I am a noncombatant. My mission is not to engage in war—I believe war is necessary in just cases, however I am not a combatant. I gave that up when I became a Chaplain. My role is different. My role is to be the spiritual leader and the minister in the unit. There is nothing farther from my mission than the killing of enemy personnel.”

Navy Gal-Off to Iraq. Title of the blog pretty much says it all, only she’s there now and this post suggests she’s had enough already:

“I’m on the edge of losing my mind. I can’t stand this deployment anymore and I totally can’t stand the people that I’m deployed with anymore. Well, I really couldn’t stand them from the beginning, but now they are completely intolerable. I’m tired of looking at them and hearing their voices. Get me the fuck outta Balad!!”