UK Premiere Screening: Tears of an Afghan warlord

Screening January 20, 2012 7:00 PM

Tears of an Afghan Warlord is the product of an intimate 10 year journey into the life of Mamour Hasan and his desire to maintain peace in his region. Despite being known as a warlord and ally of Massoud, Hasan is a peacemaker and strongly believes in democracy.

After years of hardship and war it becomes increasingly difficult for him to convince others of his ideas, including his eldest son. The film portrays the desperate attempts of man to uphold democratic ideals where democracy has failed and the pressures and arguments Afghani’s have to join the Taliban.

Pascale Bourgaux has been covering the war since 2001 and was taken in and accepted into Hasan’s home where she was given unrestricted access to the lives of the villagers and his own family. 

Directed by: Pascale Bourgaux

Year: 2011

Running time: 58mins