Who to follow: Twitter for the Afghanistan election

I’ve already added several people to the list since it was first published. New twitter accounts I add will appear at the top of each section from now on…

In Afghanistan

@ashrafghani – Dr Ashraf Ghani, Presidential candidate.

@KevinFlowerCNN – CNN Correspondent.

@hamishreporter – Hamish Macdonald, Al Jazeera English Correspondent and Presenter.

@itamena – Helped her aunt vote earlier and has a blog.

@jimsciuttoABC – Jim Sciutto, Foreign Correspondent, ABC News.

@nickschifrin – Nick Schifrin, ABC News Reporter.

@W7VOA – Steven Herman, Voice of America South Asia bureau chief, Kabul

@AfghanCornerBashir Ahmad Gwakh, freelance journalist.

@Orzala – Human rights and civil society activist, Kabul.

@DemocracyIntlElection observation mission in Afghanistan.

@alextomo – Alex Thomson, Channel 4 News, UK.

@j_trainer – Lisa Schnellinger, Journalism Trainer in Kabul.

@strickvl – Frontline blogger Alex Strick van Linschoten.

@felixkuehn – Felix Kuehn – Kandahar City (just across the table from @strickvl).

@tomafg – Researcher/aid worker Tom Shaw.

@camomillan – Camilla Fuhr Journalist and blogger.

@AtiaAbawi – Atia Abawi CNN Correspondent.

@ruthowenRuth Owen in Kabul.

@pajhwokAfghanistan news agency.

@HairanAbdulhadi Hairan, Journalist, translator (via @mikewhills).

@AfghanOldBlue – US Army Afghan veteran paying a visit.

@michael_yon – Front line blogging journalist.

@jeromestarkey – journalist and photographer.

@waterflowsJennifer McCarthy, PhD researcher.

@Peettv – Peter ter Velde, war correspondent, NOS Dutch TV (via @martijnkleppe).


About Afghanistan

@AfPakChannel – News from ForeignPolicy.com.

@2dayAfghanistan – Updates from Thomas Willard.

@BaghdadBrian – Brian Conley – Running @SmallWorldNews and the Alive in Afghanistan project.

@Anon_Cow – Security consultant in Pakistan.

@Kabulistan Jan Dimog (left Afghanistan a couple of days ago).

@AfghanNews – News updates



@AFGMatters – NATO project officer, Video Contest, JFC Brunssum, (I didn’t know what this was either) US Army.

@odonnellm – Martin O’Donnell, NATO Media Operations Officer in Kabul

@Afghanistanlast – Rex Temple, Senior US NCO on mission – might not tweet ’til he gets back.

@natochannel – NATO journalists.

@nato_news – You can work this one out yourself.

@USEmbassyKabul – Ditto.

@ISAFmedia – International Security Assistance Force (NATO).

@usfora – US Forces in Afghanistan.

@afghanistanwar – Department of Defense US confirmed casualties.

@gregjulian – Public Affairs Officer for US forces in Afghanistan.

@mediaops –  Major Paul Smyth – British Forces, PJHQ in Northwood, UK.