Trent Keegan

The Committee to Protect Journalists has taken up the case of Trent Keegan who was found dead in Nairobi on Wednesday morning.

“This is a devastating loss for those who knew Trent Keegan, a photographer who worked to document people in need of a voice around the world,” said CPJ Africa Program Coordinator Tom Rhodes. “The Kenyan police must act decisively to bring whoever killed Keegan to justice. Time is of the essence here, as it is in all murder investigations.”

His body was found in a drainage ditch in the city centre. At first police hinted it was a hit and run accident, but it appears the body may have been too neatly concealed suggesting murder. Trent had been working on an investigation in Tanzania, suggesting a possible motive. But for now police are trying to keep speculation to a minimum and officially say they are keeping all lines of inquiry open.
My concern is that the Kenyan police have a very poor record in cleaning up crime unless they catch perpetrators in the act. The list of unsolved cases involving foreigners is long and includes many high-profile cases – Julie Ward to name but one. I dread to think how many murders of Kenyans go unsolved.