Throwing Shoes!

Mr. President George W. Bush received a pair of black, size 10 shoes in a Press conference in Iraq, on Sunday. But, sadly he didn’t receive them as gifts, but were thrown at him in extreme anger by an Iraqi TV reporter present in the press conference.

Such Awe!! Surely this is not an act of any journalistic etiquette.But Mr. Bush dodged it nicely, whereas, Prime minister of Iraq once more showed his complete support, while trying to catch the other shoe, but missed. Just like Iraq war, support and policies between two countries, all came out to be a mess, just as this press conference was.

Last time the shoes banging incident happened in 1960’s in United Nations NewYork times reported; New York Times The New York Times, Oct 13,- Premier Khrushchev waved his shoe today and banged it on his desk… Mr. Khrushchev thereupon pulled off his right shoe, stood up and brandished the shoe at the Philippine delegate on the other side of the hall. He then banged the shoe on his desk.

Throwing shoes might be a silly act for many in western world but it’s a very extreme action of dismay in the eastern contest. I’m wondering if next time journalists have to walk in barefoot in press conferences as for security precautions?