Things I’d Like to Believe But Can’t

The road from the airport home was mercifully empty tonight. I arrived back in Nairobi at about 7-15pm just when you expect roads to be clogged with cars, matatus and trucks. But apart from three police checkpoints and the inevitable accident (the law requires drivers to leave their vehicles in situ until a police officer can arrive to assess the damage and blame whoever offers the smaller bribe), the roads were clear.
My driver had an explanation ready: We are approaching the end of the month.
Conventional wisdom has it that Kenyan drivers drive their cars when they have money in their pockets. By the time the end of the month looms they have spent most of their earnings and leave their cars at home. It’s a neat explanation.
Unconventional wisdom has no alternative explanation. But somehow I just don’t believe the accepted theory. I have yet to meet anyone who says they have left their car at home because they have run out of money. Shame, because I kind of like the idea.