Things are kicking off all over the world – but does the mainstream media get it?

Fascinating article by BBC Newsnight’s economics editor Paul Mason: 20 reasons why it’s kicking off everywhere –  on the common threads that join the current protests in Egypt with not only Tunisia and the Middle East but with Greece, Ireland, France and Britain.

Paul Mason is going to be joining us at the Frontline Club next Tuesday to discuss the nature of the protests that are taking place around the world and the role that the media plays. 

Is the mainstream media fixated with the idea of a Twitter revolution, without understanding the real nature of this politicised generation, what they believe and what they represent? Do the same rules apply or are the protests a game-changer? If so, how will they have to adapt?

Join us at the Frontline Club to discuss the nature of the protests around the world and what challenges they throw up to the media.