The world’s worst road

… is between Chengdu to the city of Mianyang in China. At least according to Reuters men David Gray and Chris Buckley. The duo were following up on reports “that buildings had been damaged, thousands of riot police and soliders had been deployed, hundreds of local Tibetans had been arrested and Buddhist temples were surrounded”,

To get where we needed to go, we had to start going up into the mountains. And with a foot of snow in the valleys, what could we expect up there. Well, our questions were soon answered – two foot of snow and lots and lots of ice. Our inexperienced driver had to go back and get chains after we started sliding backwards – not enjoyable when u look over the edge of the road which now had a drop of some 600 metres… We drove further on down the road, and the roadblocks became more and more numerous. I counted at least 20. link

And I thought the roads in Cambodia and Vietnam were bad back in 1996. I doubt I’ll be heading to township of Zhuoni or Xiahe anytime soon after this report.