The Vultures Start Circling

So at first glance this story in today’s Standard seemed a bit weird. Six months after post-election violence hit Kenya and when a new coalition government is still finding its feet, Kenya’s political heavy weights start jockeying for position…

The post-Kibaki alliances started taking shape, on a day coalition partner ODM readied for its own defining meeting this weekend. On Thursday, the 2012 succession battle lines were drawn when two ministers ditched Narc-Kenya for President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) ahead of its member recruitment later this month.

But what if they don’t think the succession battle will be fought in 2012? What if they think Kenya will need a new president later this year?
My sources with the stethoscopes tell me President Kibaki is in seriously bad health. Harley Street doctors have been flown out here to give round-the-clock care.
It’s difficult to know what the truth is. Rumours about the president’s health have swirled around the media ever since he got the job. But at the very least Kibaki is an old man and it seems the vultures have started circling.