The tools have changed

Broadcast talks to four senior TV news journalists about how their working life has changed due to improvements in technology. Tim Marshall, Sky News’ foreign affairs editor, says most of the changes are for the good. And sometimes knocking on a door and asking if you can hop on a wifi connection is the best way to get a story out,

In Belgrade shortly after the capture of Radovan Karadzic, Marshall scouted the route of a nationalist march and potential hotspots for violence. Instead of knocking on doors asking if people had a phone line he enquired whether they had broadband.
“A friendly family with fast broadband and a balcony overlooking the street let us use their room as a base,” he describes. “We were live for 50 minutes, feeding images straight from the camera to the internet and into Isleworth while riots were happening literally 20 yards away. Operating from a satellite truck would have offered neither the high vantage point or the safety of our position.” link