The Roads in and out of Goma

A government soldier on the road out of Goma with his pet, James

The road into Goma twists and turns through the hills of Rwanda until you drop down through the mist to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The flat waters of Lake Kivu stretch into the distance giving the lakeside hotels the feel of an Italian holiday resort.
Ventured out to the north soon after arriving. The dirt road passed village after abandoned village. All along the way government soldiers were wandering back towards town. Some carried four or five AK-47s. Taken from fallen comrades?
It wasn’t long before we reached no-man’s land.
As we bumped along the road, a mzungu on the back of a moped waved us down. “Where is Kibati camp?” Erm, we passed it two miles back, you’ve crossed the front line.
He was last seen haring back towards Goma.