The life of a journalist is quite lonely

Marcus Bleasdale, photojournalist, Frontline Club member and regular on this blog, talks in the Daily Telegraph about how he got into photojournalism in his late twenties after a successful career in banking. Fascinating to hear more about his path into photography and how working the war zone beat has changed him. What with the banking sector dissolving in a acid bath of bad debt, I do wonder how many other bankers are inspired after reading about Marcus’s change of direction,

On one occasion he saw 16 child­ren under two shot dead. ‘It’s not easy to come back from Congo and fit back into normal life,’ he says. Otherwise, it is the camaraderie of banking that he misses most. ‘You get it if you hit a war zone and everyone is there together and you meet everybody in the bar in the evening. But the life of a journalist is quite lonely.’ link