The Kabul yeti

Jean MacKenzie at the Institute of War and Peace Reporting looks forward to heading down to Helmand for one reason and one reason alone – the weather,

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when a trip to Helmand is a step up. But as I boarded the little Beechcraft this morning and set off from Kabul for the war-torn south, my heart was light and my mind was filled with one thought only: it will be warmer there… I do not wear a burqa in Kabul. Instead, I have chosen to singlehandedly rescue the local economy by purchasing a variety of coats. Afghanistan is famous for its karakul, or Persian lamb. Think Karzai’s hat. Among other outer garments, I have a long, grey, shaggy karakul coat that makes me look a bit like the abominable snowman. Everywhere I go people try to pet me. But it is warm, and a friend made me a beautiful hat to go with it for Christmas. So I am a very stylish Yeti. link