The iPhone for war photographers

For many journalists, the iPhone has become a standard part of the toolset. But it’s also being tested to the limit by war reporters. 

A couple of interesting experiments from Afghanistan caught my eye this morning documenting ventures in the photographic potential of the iPhone. 

First, this piece in The Guardian highlighting its use by Teru Kuwayama and Balazs Gardi.


(photo: Balazs Gardi and Teru Kuwayama speaking about Basetrack as part of Frontline’s strand at the 2011 Edinburgh Film Festival)

Part of the Basetrack endeavour, they say the iPhone "was the ideal, rugged piece of gear for southern Afghanistan" because it didn’t trap dust in the camera.

They were using the Hipstamatic app enabling users to take digital "Polaroids". 

Second, Michael Yon has been playing with Photosynth to document a military flight from Kabul to Kandahar.

In May, Yon said he was "studying up" on the iPhone app which claims to help photographers capture the world in 3D.

Video below of Balazs Gardi and Teru Kuwayama speaking at the Frontline Club in June 2009