The Gushing Begins

Far be it from me to accuse anyone of cashing in on Barack Obama’s success, particularly as I have made a not inconsiderable amount of money by writing about the Obama family in Kenya since 2004, but is this really necessary? Email invitation from Vestergaard Frandsen, the Swiss manufacturer of "disease control textiles", to a concert on Tuesday…

“We have a long and proud history of working in Kenya to prevent malaria and diarrheal disease, and recently conducted a mass HIV testing campaign in Kakamega, so sponsoring a concert here to welcome the new President who will champion the prevention of these diseases is very exciting.”

Not only do I love the fact that a company working to prevent diarrhoeal disease thinks it appropriate to hold a celebratory concert, but it is also convinced Obama was elected on an anti-diarrhoea ticket. Don’t get me started on false expectations….