The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent on new tools for journalists

Harriet Sherwood reflects on life as a foreign correspondent after four months in Jerusalem for The Guardian. Here she offers an assessment of the new platforms available to journalists:

"…in the digital age, there are other platforms to consider. I have flirted with Twitter and, to a lesser extent, Facebook. The former seems a useful (if limited) way of covering a big fast-developing news event and, separately, of promoting stories.

"Facebook could be a much more creative way of tracking developments, linking to articles and videos, and noting illustrative episodes and experiences to make a broader point. In other words, a blog.

"But I am deterred by the fact that my postings would become part of a jumble that includes my daughter’s photos of her mates and my ex-sister-in-law’s latest account of her dog’s exploits. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned."