Ahdaf Soueif: Safeguarding Egypt’s revolution

Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueifa key figure in Egypt’s revolution and cultural commentator, spoke via Skype during a First Wednesday Special event at the Frontline Club on 16 February, answering questions from both the panel and from the floor.

On 30 March we are delighted that Ahdaf Soueif will be at the Club in person to talk more in-depth about the spirit of revolution in Egypt.

The above video shows Ahdaf Soueif‘s Skype call in which she claimed that the Army commission on constitutional reform was "very much open to question" and argued that constitutional reform should not be carried out under the auspices of the army and a government that is a "remant of the old regime".

That should be put on ice until we have an interim Cabinet, born of the revolution and there would be a properly selected, with much greater care, founding council, of at least 40 people, that would work on a new constitution. Others are saying that the army has already put a small council in place and some of them are very well-respected, so why push it away.

Our event with  Ahdaf Soueif is an opportunity to discuss the progress made in Egypt since President Mosni Mubarak stepped down in February, her views on the constitutional reforms approved in the 19 March referendum and to hear more about her experiences at the heart of the protests in Tahrir Square. You can book tickets to take part in this event here.

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