The Day of Killed Journalists

Turkey commemorated the 13th Day of Killed Journalists on Monday. 62 journalists have been killed in the country to date. To mark the day, journalists gathered at the grave of the first victim, Hasan Fehmi, the editor of Serbesti newspaper, who was killed in 1909,

“We expect the facilities for journalists to be developed, and we expect tolerance instead of boycott calls when journalists publish news that does not suit someone," [said Orhan Erinç, president of the Journalists’ Society of Turkey] “Even if politicians do not agree, journalism is one of the most difficult professions in the world. People do not realise the tension and stress, as well as the violence journalists can face. Then there are others, like Ismail GüneÅŸ (who died in a recent helicopter crash when covering the pre-election period) who die in work-related accidents. The murderers are never caught." link