The Death of Traditional Media?

Talk Thursday 23 January 2014, 7:00 PM

Following on from April’s meeting of the country’s top student newspapers, Grapevine is bringing together aspiring journalists for another night of inspiration. Once again there will be two panels, this time looking at the future of traditional media in the age of mass data, multimedia and the Internet.

As the relationship between the press and the web rapidly develops, questions continue to arise over the future of print, and the impact the Internet is having on quality journalism.

The evening will bring together outlets both old and new, and feature some of the country’s leading editors and data journalists, including:

Data panel:

Conrad Quilty-Harper – The Telegraph, Ampp3d
Mona ChalabiThe Guardian‘s Datablog; FiveThirtyEight
Dan KnowlesThe Economist
Nicola HughesThe Times, DataMinerUK
Michael Blastland – Author, The Tiger that Isn’t; Broadcaster, Radio 4

Editor’s panel:

Luke Lewis – Editor, Buzzfeed UK
Merope Mills – Editor, Saturday Guardian
Pete Picton – Deputy Publisher, Mail Online
Helen Lewis – Deputy Editor, New Statesman
George Brock – Head of Journalism, City University; author, Out of Print