Testing times for Croatian journalists

[video:youtube:7f6AyehCFJQ] Amnesty International call upon the Croatian authorities to address the threats to journalists. In October Ivo Pukanić, the editor of the Nacional Magazine, and a colleague were both killed in a car bomb explosion in central Zagreb. The assassination shocked the nation, yet the situation has not improved. Well-known journalist Drago Hedl continues to receive threats to his life for his investigation of a high level Croatian politician in the killing of Croatian Serbs in the town of Osijek during the 1991-1995 war,

“The threats against Drago Hedl are a clear attempt to discourage him and other journalists who have been playing a crucial role in exposing human rights violations from making their findings public,” says Nicola Duckworth, Director of Amnesty International’s Europe team. “The Croatian authorities need to lead by example and investigate these threats and bring the perpetrators to justice.” link

Above is a video from the International Center for Journalists about the work of Drago Hedl.