Temuri Kiguradze whereabouts unknown

22 year old war reporter Winston Featherly-Bean, who was shot in North Ossetia on Sunday, has been transfered to an intensive care unit in a Moscow hospital according to Anchorage Daily News,

“We’ve learned that Winston was suddenly operated on again today,” [Winston’s brother, Peter Featherly-Bean] wrote in an e-mail to family and friends early this morning. “He is reportedly weak. We fear infection but hold on to better thoughts.” link

Meanwhile there has been little heard from Temuri Kiguradze, a Georgian journalist who worked with Winston at The Messenger, an English language newspaper based in Georgia.

“The last we heard he was at a police headquarters, still in Vladikavkaz,” Peter Featherly-Bean said. link

The Messanger Newspaper blog said on Tuesday,

As we see, there is no safe exit from the locations our people are right now. They will stay where they are for today and further developments will show how things will progress. link

Status updates on reporters from The Messanger currently appear in the comments on this post. Also, the Israeli journalist Zadok Yehezkeli who was injured in the Gori bombardment is back in Israel,

Yehezkeli landed in Tel Aviv Wednesday morning and was transferred by ambulance to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in stable but still serious condition. link

UPDATE: The Anchorage Daily News says Winston’s mother managed to get in touch with him in hospital, but he fears for the safety of his Georgian colleague Temuri Kiguradze,

“He said, ‘Mom, listen to me. I need to know if Temuri is OK. And if he isn’t out of the country, you need to get him out.'”…. “The bizarre thing is, the guy who shot Winston — he came to the hospital to see him,” Bean said. link

See the comments below from Bruce Shapiro at the Dart Center about the current whereabouts of Temuri.
UPDATE: 19 AugustThe Messenger reports that Temuri is now safe and well in Tbilisi.