Tehran newspaper shut down

The Shahrvand-e-Emrouz newspaper in Iran was shut down today. The LA Times Babylon & Beyond blog reports the weekly, with a circulation of 50,000, was banned for “publishing untrue news about the government of Ahmadinejad.” Ramin Mostaghim talked to one of the journalists on the paper about the shut down,

“We were expecting such a banning. Our weekly’s license did not allow to cover politcal news, and although we were cautious and only addressed the history of the revolution and Iran and some news were published in other sources too. The press supervisory association claims that we have published some ‘untrue’ news about the government. I do not remember any untrue news. … I think our weekly has been scapegoat and has been punished for mildly criticizing the government over the phony degree of Ali Kordan.” link