war reporter

May 12, 2009

Live tonight – Peter Beaumont on war reporting

Peter Beaumont drops by the Frontline Club tonight to discuss his latest book – The Secret Life of War: Journeys Through Modern Conflict – and his life spent reporting from the frontlines of many wars. The Observer Foreign Affairs Editor has had a change of heart of late, see below, and it will be interesting […]

April 26, 2009

Peter Beaumont’s secret life of war

Peter Beaumont, Observer journalist who has reported from war zones for twenty years, talks about his experiences on the Guardian website with Tracy McVeigh today. The newspaper runs an excerpt from his latest book, The Secret Life Of War today. Peter will be at the Frontline Club on May 12 to talk more about his […]

January 12, 2009

Media should be abolished from reporting

I really do not know what to say about this guy… Why don’t we all just give up and go home? Joe the plumber/war correspondent/all round idiot says War is no place for journalists. You’ve got to admit, this is probably the first, the last and the only time you’ll ever hear a “war correspondent” […]

January 7, 2009

Joe the War Correspondent

Joe the Plumber, who shot to fame when he questioned President elect barrack Obama about his tax plans, is heading to Israel. Yes, Joe the plumber is embarking upon a new career as… a war correspondent with the conservative website pjtv.com. Don’t believe me, watch the video above and read on, Dubbed “Joe the Plumber” […]

December 29, 2008

Anthony Loyd heads to forgotten wars

Looks like Anthony Loyd is in for a busy eighteen months. The Times war correspondent and Frontline Club regular, will be on assignment for the coming year and a half covering forgotten war zones,What of the rest of the world’s conflicts? What of the thousands killed in Mexico’s drug cartel battles or the fighting in […]

December 15, 2008

Michael Ware addicted to the story

Michael Ware, a reporter with CNN, talks to Greg Veis in Men’s Journal about the difficulties of reporting from Iraq, getting addicted to the story and life on the road. He wonders if he’ll ever be able to quit the war habit. It’s not a pretty picture, “I’m a war dog,” he says. “After seven […]

September 26, 2007

Richard Gere goes to war

Richard Gere’s latest film stars the former gigolo as a war reporter – “the war-zone equivalent of ambulance chasers” – as Style Weekly has it, Gere and Howard are soon turned into international journalism’s Starsky and Hutch, on the trail of a Serbian war criminal called The Fox. The movie’s entertainment value doesn’t end here, […]