War Logs

July 3, 2011

Part II: WikiLeaks pushed Arab unrest, Assange says

By Gianluca Mezzofiore WikiLeaks had a prominent role in the Arab Spring, acting as a catalyst and pushing global information to a point where the US and other Western countries could not prop up Arab dictatorships anymore, according to WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange. Speaking at a Frontline Club event in East London, alongside renowned Slovenian […]

July 2, 2011

Part I: Žižek, Assange and the “new McCarthyism”

By Viola Caon A "new McCarthyism" has emerged in response to WikiLeaks and is evidenced in the calls for assassination by US politicians, the site’s editor-in-chief said today. Julian Assange, the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek and Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! shared a stage at a packed Frontline Club event at the Troxy in London’s […]