February 17, 2011

What WikiLeaks has told us

Since 2006, the whistleblowers’ website WikiLeaks has published a mass of information we would otherwise not have known.  The leaks have exposed dubious procedures at Guantanamo Bay and detailed meticulously the Iraq War’s unprecedented civilian death-toll.  They have highlighted the dumping of toxic waste in Africa as well as revealed America’s clandestine military actions in […]

February 4, 2010

The future begins with ‘C’

Ok, here at Frontline we don’t know exactly what will happen in the unpredictable worlds of journalism and warfare over the coming years. But we can reveal how everyone will be describing the future. Military and media experts have gazed into their respective crystal balls (or maybe they’re sharing the same one due to respective […]

September 11, 2009

Access Denied: Twitter, Iran and embedding journalists in online culture

You can now watch the event here.  The Iranian Election was the moment when Twitter “exploded into our consciousness as a really powerful newsgathering tool” Adrian Wells told the Frontline Club earlier this week. Sky’s Foreign Editor was discussing how media organisations cover ‘news black holes’ with Richard Sambrook, Head of Global News at the […]

January 5, 2009

Colin Freeman on being free

Colin Freeman talks on the Daily Telegraph today about his kidnap experience in Somalia. He sounds in good spirits as he discusses being a free man again after his six week ordeal. He’s looking forward to a decent pint and trying to give up the smoking habit he picked up in the caves of Somalia, […]

January 5, 2009

Telegraph slashes foreign correspondent stringer rates

The Daily Telegraph have slashed their stringer rates by around 40% for freelance foreign correspondents to £60 for news stories up to 400 words. Longer articles have a different rate. In addition, regular stringers will find their monthly retainers either reduced or cut entirely. Others will receive an annual lump sum. The Guardian reports this […]