March 6, 2013

When reporting from Haiti, Mali or Syria, are our cameras turned off too quickly?

By Caroline Schmitt What is the relationship between the extent of a disaster, its media coverage and the resulting help from charities and the public? A panel of Sky News and BBC journalists, DFID and experts with a background in humanitarian aid analysed these dependencies at a ShelterBox event hosted by the Frontline Club on March 5 […]

Tuesday 5 March 2013, 7:00 PM

Is it a disaster if the cameras are not there?

Organised by ShelterBox
Join us for a panel debate, chaired by Clive Jones, Chair of the Disasters Emergency Committee (and ITV News) with Sarah Whitehead of Sky News, DFID’s Dylan Winder, and Ross Preston, Head of Operations for international disaster relief charity, ShelterBox.