Japan Fukushima Semipalatinsk nuclear

December 7, 2012

A busy week ahead for international news – featuring North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia, Venezuela and Egypt

A round up of world news in the week ahead from journalist resource ForesightNews. By Jasper Wenban-Smith, international editor of ForesightNews. Monday 10 December A bombastic week of international news kicks off Monday with the opening of the window for North Korea’s latest satellite launch attempt. The launch will have important implications, both domestic and international. […]

April 30, 2011

Fukushima: in the shadow of the Semipalatinsk mushroom cloud

As Japan struggles to contain the Fukushima nuclear crisis, comparisons are being made with the Chernobyl disaster, which happened on 26 April, 1986, when an explosion and fire at the Ukrainian power station released enormous quantities of radioactive material across Russia and Europe. Deaths due to the contamination have been put close to a million. […]