Ivory Coast

October 7, 2011

ForesightNews world briefing: upcoming events 10 – 16 October

A weekly round up of world events from Monday, 10  to Sunday, 16 October from ForesightNews By Nicole Hunt The two men charged with the April 2010 murder of South African white supremacist leader Eugene Terre’Blanche go on trial in Ventersdorp on Monday. Chris Mahlangu and an unnamed teenager are accused of killing the leader […]

April 18, 2011

Ivory Coast: a watershed for African democracy?

Now that defiant former leader, Laurent Gbagbo is in custody and Alassane Ouattara has been installed as the duly-elected president of Ivory coast what are the lessons that can be learned if an election is disputed in the future in Africa? There has been a considerable amount of discussion about the implications of events in […]

April 5, 2011

Violence in Ivory Coast – what does it mean for Africa’s future?

Events are moving fast in Ivory Coast, with a ceasefire reportedly being negotiated and suggestions that the besieged incumbent Laurent Gbagbo who has stubbornly refused to cede the presidency to Alassane Ouattara may now be considering surrender. At our event on 20 April we will be discussing what message the events in Ivory Coast will […]

February 5, 2009

Salam al-Dosaki shot dead in Mosul

Salam al-Dosaki, a journalist with the al-Hadba newspaper in Mosul, Iraq, was shot dead by a policeman on Thursday afternoon, 5 February according to Reuters, Mohammed Yunis Mohammed, a Mosul policeman, had been drinking when he approached the home of neighbour Salam al-Dosaki, a journalist with the local al-Hadba newspaper, police said. An argument ensued […]

December 18, 2008

Ebenezer Viwami under arrest in Ivory Coast

Ebenezer Viwami, editor in chief of Alerte Info, was picked up outside a prison in Abidjan, Ivory Coast at the weekend. The Ivorian Internal Affairs and Justice Ministries, said Viwami falsified the reporting of a prison riot stating that three prisoners were shot dead when the official report said six prisoners were slightly injured prisoners […]

September 23, 2008

Jean-Paul Ney in danger

Jean-Paul Ney, the investigative journalist and war reporter arrested in Ivory Coast nine months ago, is in ill health according to the Intelink website, Today after 9 months in jail, the health of Jean-Paul Ney is in danger. He has been hospitalized twice for Malaria and typhoid fever, and put back in jail each time. […]

January 18, 2008

Jean-Paul Ney arrested and charged

The French photojournalist Jean-Paul Ney who was detained on December 27, 2007 outside the headquarters of the national TV station in the Ivory Coast has been arrested and charged along with nine others, The 10 are accused of conspiracy against the state, belonging to an armed group, and threatening public safety and state security, said […]