“Sweet Jesus! Apple has just revolutionized citizen journalism with their AP app for iPhone”

Well, that’s according to @tacomasha on Twitter.
@tonysteward is more restrained –

Okay, the AP iPhone app is legit, it will take citizen journalism to a whole new level. Exciting!

As is @miguelmanalo

Dude AP on-the-go citizen journalism? Kickass.

And @benkerney

AP’s new iPhone app will win citizen journalism

And others.
So, what we have, or seem to have, is an application for the iPhone from Associated Press that as well as feeding news to the mobile also allows users to upload their own news. It’s not clear right now in the white heat of bleeding-edge technology that is the iPhonzzzz – sorry, it’s not clear right now whether we’re looking at text only or multimedia. If the latter, it sounds suspiciously like ShoZu to me, which has long enabled mobile users to submit pix and videos to a number of user-specified destinations – Flickr for sharing, Scoopt for selling, CNN for hoaxing etc – from pretty much any handset, instantly.
Quite what AP will do with a flood of ‘newsworthy’ tips or content from budding CitJs remains to be seen. Filter for the very occasional nugget, perhaps. But I’ll make one prediction with 100% certainty – while it’s great to have a direct hotline to the world’s media on your mobile, most users will quickly tire of waiting for a plane to fall out of the sky or a celebrity out of a nightclub.
Unless, that is, AP recognises that this is a two-way street and has plans to engage its potentially vast new army of stringers with (photo)journalism-related activities – something that Getty Images should but didn’t do with Scoopt.