Susan Schulman on Congo

[video:youtube:rnW3ZnU3mSo] The Press Gazette picks up on the Frontline Club Congo season, which runs until May 16, and the work of Susan Schulman, whose photographs were used to help produce the Congo season video above. In the article, Schulman also talks about her work for Guardian Weekly and Channel 4 and the difficulty in getting editors interested in Congo,

“It’s not quite enough as an explanation to say it’s a complicated story,” says Schulman. “There are a lot of journalists who really know the area but it’s a real problem pitching it and getting anyone really interested.” Many of the people she spoke to in the DRC were eager to share their stories, says Schulman, who will be returning to the country next month for the second stage of the project. “Most of them were eager to let the rest of the world know what was going on,” she says. “They definitely feel that they have been forgotten.” link

If you’re quick you might still be able to get a ticket for the Congo Season: Media Talk – Lifting the Curse debate which takes place tomorrow 15 May at the club.