Survivors break their silence: 5 years after the Andijan Massacre

November 16, 2010 12:30 PM

When state security forces opened fire on protestors in Andijan on May 13, 2005, killing hundreds, about 500 escaped and sought asylum outside of Uzbekistan.  Fearing for the lives and well-being of their family members, for five years they did not speak out about the massacre.  Now, some have broken the silence. 

Bakhtiyar Muhtarov of Andijan – Justice and Rebirth is one of them.  He has interviewed 220 witnesses of the massacre and the subsequent arrests, torture and extrajudicial executions.  Nadejda Atayeva, Association of Human Rights in Central Asia, has collected evidence from Andijan morgue employees.  Shamsuddin Atamatov is one of the 23 businessmen whose trial led to the protests, and was a witness to the massacre.  Monica Whitlock recently produced a documentary film chronicling the tragedy.  She gained interviews with eyewitnesses.

With Bahtiyar Muhtarov, deputy director, Andijan – Justice and Rebirth

Shamsuddin Atamatov, former businessman in Andijan

Nadejda Atayeva, president, Association for Human Rights in Central Asia

Monica Whitlock, producer, Through the Looking Glass: The Andijan Massacre, and former BBC correspondent in Central Asia.

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