Sunday Screening – GasLand

When filmmaker Josh Fox was asked to lease his land for the new mode of natural energy drilling, he decided to travel across the United States in search of the reality of the little known practice. Following the trail of the Halliburton-developed drilling technology of “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing, Fox encounters a veritable web of experience as an area the size of Saudi Arabia filled with natural gas is discovered. Hearing the cost to residents of the drilling areas, Fox uncovers the great, and disturbing, untold story of ‘fracking’.

Filmed in a plethora of styles ranging from expose to what the director calls a “bluegrass banjo meltdown,” Oscar nominated GasLand explores the tangled threads of the country’s search for natural energy production. From residents in a drilling area being able to light their drinking water on fire, to the scope of the undertaking of fracking, Gasland offers a unique look into the continued justification for conspicuous consumption in the United States.

Directed by Josh Fox
107 mins

2011 Oscar Nominated
2010 Special Jury Prize Documentary Sundance

This screening is kindly supported by Dogwoof and is part of a season of their films showing at the club. More details of the season areĀ here.