Looking Back at 2010: talks and discussions at the Frontline Club

Our panel discussions and talks have covered a wide range of topics in the past year: Here’s a round up of some of the subjects that were tackled throughout the year.

Sudan: Winning the peace? 

In January we took a look at Sudan and what looked to be a pivotal year for the country, with the first multi-party elections for 24 years due in April and the  expiry date of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement looming. Watch the video below or listen to the podcast here.

South Africa 20 years after Mandela walked to freedom 

In February we marked the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release with a discussion about the hopes of that day in February 1990 that he walked free from Victor Verster prison near Cape Town and how they compare with the reality of today.

You can watch the video of the event, which was chaired by BBC News presenter George Alagiah or read the blog post and listen to the podcast here.

We devoted three events to the issue of climate change during 2010. These events, which were organised in association with Global Campaign for Climate Action and communications agency Communications INC began in May with a discussion about climate change in the wake of the "climategate" and the climate conference in Copenghagen in 2009.

Climate Change: the forgotten crisis?

Click here to read the blog post of the event and you can listen to the podcast or watch the video here.


Climate Change: Is the Coalition up to the challenge of the next five years? 

Our discussion in June focused on the challenges of the next five years and examined the Coalition’s credentials for meeting them. You can read the blog post here and find the video here.

Should human rights be at the heart of climate change policy?

Our third event in September looked at the human cost of climate change: Listen or watch this fascinating discussion here or read Christine Ottery‘s blog post on the event here.


War and aid: does humanitarian intervention work? 

In May an expert panel joined us for a sell-out event during which we turned our attention to aid and its effectiveness. Listen or watch again or read Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi‘s blog post.

Aid and accountability  

In November we returned again to the issue of aid, this time looking at the issues of accountability. You can watch again here.

North Korea:behind the Iron Curtain 

Our discussion in June was a response to the heightened tension that followed the sinking of the South Korean navy ship Cheonan and the subsequent international report concluded that North Korea was responsible. With the continuing focus on North Korea it’s worth watching this one again or read the blog post here.

Bosnia: Will the peace deal hold? 

In the same month we were delighted to have Paddy Ashdown, former High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina to discuss the post-war elections due in October and the prospects for the peace established by the Dayton Agreement in 1995. Listen to this discussion here or read our blog post about the event here.


Iran: Detainment and conviction

In July we were joined by Cindy Hickey, the mother of freelance journalist Shane Bauer who was arrested with two companions in July 2009. One of the three, Sarah Shourd  was subsequently released but Bauer and Josh Fattal ha
ve been held without charge in Iran’s Evin prison ever since.

The event was also held partly in response to the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, which has continued to provoke an outcry from the international community. How many cases go unnoticed? And should the international community be doing more?

The new nobility: Russia’s secret services revealed

In October there was fascinating insight to be had into the world of the FSB, Russia’s security service which has accumulated powerful backers and increasing authority since it replaced the notorious intelligence service the KGB, which was dissolved in 1991. Worth watching if you want to learn more about today’s Russia, or you can read the blog post by Sara Elizabeth Williams here.