‘Storytelling for the Edit’ – Sunday Workshop

Talk May 27, 2012 10:00 AM

This course is the second day of our new 2 day editing workshop. Both days focus on different aspects of the editing process.

Each day is self contained, but there is a discount for those who choose to attend both.

Own laptops and software/media are optional – we do not provide hardware or software in these workshops.

This one day workshop will inspire participants to think about storytelling from an editor’s perspective.

How can you construct the most effective narrative from your raw material? What should you be concentrating on when building your story?

This workshop is designed to help you confidently make decisions in order to create concise and powerful digital narrative.

We will look at theoretical approaches and apply them to practical tips and tricks. We’ll also analyse scenes from documentaries, films and news pieces to illustrate effective and stale storytelling.

Topics covered:

*How does editing work?

*The “trick” of editing – misdirection

“The central secret of conjuring…is a manipulation of interest.”

(Henry Hay, The Amateur Magicians Handbook, pg. 2, copyright 1972).

*A look at the history of film editing theory and techniques

*How the audience tells your story

*The good, the bad and the ugly edit


*Setting objectives / Reviewing your material / Organising your edit

*Reading body language

*The importance of instituting a rhythm

*Perceptual blindness

*Using sound to your advantage

Trainer: Simon Ruben

Simon is an award winning freelance editor and video trainer with over seven years of broadcast experience across a range of genres.

Simon has designed and delivered popular courses for the Frontline Club since 2007 including Final Cut Pro, Compressor, DVDSP, Motion. He has also tailored courses for FT.com, Save The Children, Medecins Sans Frontiers, Soho Editors and the NUJ.

Simon has an MA in Mythology from Bristol University and found digital story telling to be the perfect vehicle for his academic and narrative passion.