Story-based Inquiry: Individual Coaching Sessions (Day 2)

Workshop Sunday 12 February 2017, one-hour slots from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Flat fee £100 ( including 1 hour review of work + 1 hour one-to-one coaching)



Story-Based Inquiry is an investigative storytelling method for researching and writing long form narratives or reports as a single integrated process.

As an addition to a day-long workshop discussing the tools and techniques of Story Based Inquiry (Day 1)Mark-Lee Hunter and Luuk Sengers will provide individual coaching for story projects, depending on the reporter’s needs.

Coaching can range from general strategy concerns (such as career development or publishing strategies) or counsel on project work or work in progress.

Coaching sessions will last one hour, and Sengers and Hunter will spend one hour reviewing participants’ proposals or work in advance of the session.

How it works:

  • we have only 12 slots available and booking priority will be given to participants who attended the previous day of Story-Based Inquiry: Tool and Techniques (Day 1)
  • the time slots are from 10am – 4pm (one hour break between 1pm-2pm);
  • the individual slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis depending on availability;
  • participants who wish to send their proposals or work-in-progress for review must do so by 1st of February via email to [email protected];
  • we will accept a maximum of 7 pages long reports for review;

If you have any enquiries please email Anca Dimofte on [email protected].