Some frontline views from the US milblogs

Here’s a selection of recent posts from the US milblogging community about life on the frontline.
1. Compassion Fatigue – Capt Beau Cleland in Iraq:

‘I’ve come to the conclusion that this place has so much suffering, so many problems, that if I internalize them I’m just going to mess myself up mentally and emotionally.’

2. Numb – Lt G in Iraq:

‘I’m not okay, but you know, that’s okay. You’re not supposed to be okay. I don’t know how it was for previous generations, but being born after Vietnam, you have no illusions about what war is and what war does to the human condition.’

3. Baja 1000 – Msgt. Ken Mahoy on convoys in Afghanistan:

‘The key word is avoidance, and as such, we have only one rule to driving here in Afghanistan: “Drive it like you stole it”, and TRY not to hurt anyone in the process.’