Somali pirates, Sudan and sex trafficking: the week ahead at the Frontline Club

Tonight Sunday Telegraph chief foreign correspondent Colin Freeman will be talking to award winning journalist and filmmaker Inigo Gilmore about how in late 2008, when reporting in lawless Somalia, a land of pirates, criminal gangs and militant Islamists, he was kidnapped by Somali pirates

At July’s First Wednesday tomorrow night a panel of experts will discuss the expansion of kill/capture missions in Afghanistan and the implications on the ground.

Screenings in the week ahead include Phnom Penh Lullaby, a compelling portrait of Ilan Schickman who left Israel to find a new life in Cambodia.

Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova goes deep undercover in The Price of Sex to explore the lives of Eastern European women sold as sex slaves in Western Europe and the Middle East.

Next Wednesday, four days after South Sudan’s move to independence on 9 July, we will examining what separation means for both the South and North and the obstacles to a smooth transition.