So, what is the future for news?

I have no idea… Well, I have some ideas, but I’m not blogging about them just yet. However, our very own Daniel Bennett puts together a useful future of news primer on his personal blog Mediating Conflict. One of the folks Daniel highlights is Adam Timworth,

‘If you were to ask a group of people what words they associate with journalism, I’d lay odds that “deadline” would be in there somewhere. But we’re moving into a post-deadline age, when the publishing time is now, and then as soon as you have new information. Or a new conversation. Or a new contribution.’ link

And Twitter could have a lot to do with that. Is it just me, or does Twitter feel like the new Blogger? During media training sessions I often describe Twitter as useful and useless. It’s the medium not the message and the medium appears to be quite effective. No doubt this will form part of a discussion or two at the Future of News Conference this week.