Shooting Libya: Inigo Gilmore and Andrew Winning at the Frontline Club

Reuters photographer Andrew Winning and freelance video journalist Inigo Gilmore spoke to a packed audience at the Frontline Club last night about their differing experiences of covering the conflict in Libya.

Photojournalist and filmmaker John D McHugh led the discussion and brought out the contrasts between Winning’s regimented, orderly entry and exit from the country and Gilmore’s more chaotic, less regulated approach. Projections of both their work emphasized the surreal imagery of the civil war that nobody could have anticipated a year ago, as ordinary Libyans take up arms to defend their freedom.

Both journalists spoke of the frustration they observed from rebel soldiers about the lack of coordination and training among their ranks, and a great optimism from the people in the East of Libya, finally free of the yoke of Gaddafi’s regime.

The panel paid tribute to their colleagues and friends Tim Hetherington, Chris Hondros and Anton Hammerl who lost their lives covering the conflict in Libya, reminding us of the terrible dangers journalists face to bring us truthful accounts of events at the front line.

You can watch the event in full in the video below. The first 15 minutes are a rolling stream of Andrew Winning’s images projected in the Forum before the start of the event. Skip to minute 16 to watch the talk from the beginning:


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