Sean Langan talks after Taliban ordeal

Sean Langan drops by in the comments to say thanks to all those who worried about him during his kidnap ordeal at the hands of the Taliban in the borders area between Pakistan and Afghanistan,

Just wanted to pass on my deep gratitude to all those in the foreign press corp. I lost my phones and haven’t been able to contact all those friends and colleagues I know helped secure my release. A debt never forgotton. And would also like to thank all those in our peculiar little community who were concerned about me…..that sense of not being alone or forgotten was a comfort throughout the ordeal…….So next time I am on expenses, the drinks are on me. I wish you all a safe journey, and while you won’t believe me, trust me: the best thing about being a foreign journalist is coming home to those you love. link

And if this article by Toby Young in the Telegraph is anything to go by, Sean may have the basis of a book bundled up in cloth,

Towards the end of the dinner, I asked Sean if he had been able to keep any sort of journal, imagining that he might have been able to scrawl a few notes on his shirt cuff. He promptly went over to his rucksack and pulled out a little bundle wrapped in cloth. Inside were 17 dog-eared notebooks, all filled with Sean’s spidery handwriting. “My kidnap diary,” he said, fanning the books out across the dinner table. link

For more on Sean’s story, click the photo above to read an interview with him in the “Daily Mail newspaper. The Sunday Times claims Channel 4 paid £150,000 ransom fee for Sean’s release.